Waisted Wide Leg Set

$44.99 $44.99

Introducing the Literary Revival High-Waisted Wide Leg Pant Suit

πŸ“š Style Type: Immerse yourself in the Literary Revival and Art movement with this High-Waisted Wide Leg Pant Suit, designed to capture the essence of vintage charm.

🌸 Season: Transport yourself to the Spring and Summer of 2023 with this timeless pant suit, perfect for warm days and artistic adventures.

πŸ‘š Style: Embrace the charm of the Revival of Literature and Art fashion with this casual yet elegant pant suit, tailored for those who appreciate vintage aesthetics.

πŸŽ€ Pop Elements: The Universal model pop element adds an element of versatility and timelessness to this ensemble.

🌼 Colour: Adorn yourself in shades of blue, adding a touch of serenity and sophistication to your outfit.

πŸ‘‘ Brand: From a reputable "other" brand, this pant suit ensures quality and style.

🌟 Sleeve Type: The 3/4 sleeve adds a touch of classic elegance and coverage to your arms.

πŸ‘– Pant Style: The Wide Leg Pants design offers comfort and a touch of drama, making a statement without compromising on ease.

🌞 Pant Length: With Capris pants length, this ensemble maintains a balanced look suitable for various occasions.

🌈 Material: Made from Polyester, this pant suit combines comfort with a polished appearance.

πŸ–οΈ Length: The Ankle-Length Pants provide a touch of elegance, creating a refined and poised appearance.

🎨 Gender: Designed exclusively for WOMEN, this pant suit celebrates the strength and beauty of femininity.

πŸŒ† Fit Type: Experience the Regular fit that ensures comfort and style for all-day wear.

🌟 Fabric Name: Crafted from terylene, this pant suit offers a lightweight and breathable feel.

🌈 Fabric Type: Made from Canvas fabric, this ensemble combines durability with a vintage touch.

🌼 Elasticity: With Slight Stretch elasticity, this pant suit adapts to your movements, ensuring comfort throughout the day.

πŸŽ‰ Cross-Border Supply: This pant suit is not sourced through cross-border supply.

Step into the world of literary elegance with the Literary Revival High-Waisted Wide Leg Pant Suit. Whether you're exploring artistic spaces, enjoying a day out, or embracing your unique style, this pant suit is ready to accompany you. Embrace the vintage-inspired vibe, showcase your appreciation for classic aesthetics, and capture attention with an ensemble that effortlessly blends comfort and elegance. Make a statement, exude charm, and celebrate your unique beauty and personality in the realm of Literary Revival and Art fashion.