Shorts Suit Track Tops

$34.99 $34.99

Based on the provided description, here are the details of the clothing item:

  • Fabric Type: Woven - The primary fabric used in this clothing item is woven fabric. Woven fabric is created by interlacing two sets of yarn at right angles to each other, resulting in a structured and durable textile.

  • Style: Casual - The clothing item is designed in a casual style, which typically means it is comfortable and suitable for everyday wear.

  • Clothing Length: Regular - The clothing item has a regular length, which can vary but typically falls within the standard range for the type of clothing it represents.

  • Place Of Origin: China (Mainland) - This indicates the country where the clothing item was manufactured or produced.

  • Pant Length(cm): Shorts - The pants in this clothing item have a shorter length, typically extending above the knees or to the mid-thigh.

  • Collar: Hooded - The clothing item features a hooded collar, which includes a hood that can be pulled over the head to provide coverage.

  • Closure Type: Zipper - The clothing item is designed to be closed or opened using a zipper fastening.

  • Sleeve Style: Regular - The sleeves of the clothing have a regular or standard style without any notable design features.

  • Pattern Type: Plaid - The clothing item features a plaid pattern, which consists of intersecting horizontal and vertical lines to create a checkered or tartan design.

  • Pant Style: Regular - The pants in this clothing item have a regular style, which typically refers to straight-cut pants without distinctive features.

  • Pant Closure Type: Elastic Waist - The pants in this clothing item have an elastic waistband for ease of wear and comfort.

Please note that while this provides a description based on the information provided, the specific design and appearance of the clothing item can vary depending on the brand and the actual product. For a more accurate understanding of the item, you may need to refer to the product description or image.