Set Striped Full Sleeve

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Based on the description provided, here are the details of the clothing item:

  • Pant Closure Type: Elastic Waist - The pants have an elastic waistband, which typically provides comfort and ease of wearing.

  • Collar: Turn-down Collar - The item has a collar that can be turned down. This is a common style for shirts and blouses.

  • Closure Type: Single Breasted - The top likely has a single row of buttons running down the front for closure.

  • Sleeve Length (cm): Full - The sleeves of the top are long, extending to the wrists.

  • Fabric Type: Man-made fiber - The clothing is made from synthetic or man-made fibers, which could include materials like polyester or nylon.

  • Clothing Patterns: SLIM - This suggests that the clothing is designed with a slim or fitted silhouette, offering a close-fitting style.

  • Pant Length (cm): Shorts - The pants are designed as shorts, which means they are shorter in length, typically above the knee.

  • Pant Style: Regular - The pants have a regular or standard style, which is typically straight-legged and not excessively loose or tight.

Please note that while this provides a description based on the information provided, the specific style, design, and appearance of the clothing item can vary depending on the brand and the actual product. For a more accurate understanding of the item, you may need to refer to the product description or image.