Knit Wide Leg Pants Suit

$42.99 $42.99

Based on the provided description, here are the details of the clothing item:

  • Waist: High Waist - The clothing item is designed with a high waistline, which typically sits above the natural waist.

  • Pant Style: Wide Leg Pants - The pants in this clothing item have a wide leg design, meaning they are wider and looser at the bottom compared to narrow or straight-leg pants.

  • Front Style: Flat - The front of the pants is designed to lay flat without prominent pleats or gathers.

  • Fit Type: Straight - The clothing item has a straight fit, meaning it maintains a consistent width from the waist down to the hem, without being overly loose or tight.

  • Fabric Type: Knitted Fabric - The primary fabric used in this clothing item is knitted fabric, which is created by interlocking loops of yarn. Knitted fabric is known for its flexibility and comfort.

  • Clothing Patterns: Slim - The clothing item is designed with a slim or fitted pattern, meaning it conforms to the shape of the body.

  • Season: Summer - The clothing item is intended for wear during the summer season, suggesting it may be lightweight and breathable.

  • Pant Length(cm): Full Length - The pants in this clothing item are full-length, meaning they extend all the way down to the ankles.

  • Pattern Type: Tie Dye - The clothing item features a tie-dye pattern, which involves dyeing the fabric in a way that creates unique and colorful designs.

  • Clothing Length: Super-short - The clothing item has a super-short length, indicating that it is designed to be very short, possibly well above the knees.

  • Pant Closure Type: Elastic Waist - The pants have an elastic waistband for ease of wear and comfort.

  • Sleeve Style: Regular - While sleeves are typically associated with tops, it seems there may be a reference to sleeves in the description, but it's not applicable to pants. Pants typically do not have sleeves.

Please note that some aspects of this description, such as "Sleeve Style" and "Clothing Length," do not typically apply to pants. It's possible that there may be some errors or inconsistencies in the description, or it may be a combination of information from different clothing items. For a more accurate understanding of the item, you may need to refer to the product description or image.