Shiny Mesh See Through

$32.99 $32.99

Based on the provided description, here are the details of the clothing item:

  • Elasticity: Slight Stretch - The fabric of this clothing item has some stretch, allowing for a comfortable fit.

  • Sleeve Style: Regular - The sleeves of this item have a standard or regular style.

  • Fabric Type: Brocade - The clothing is made from brocade fabric. Brocade is a heavy fabric with a rich, raised pattern that can be made from various materials, often used for formal or decorative clothing.

  • Pattern Type: Solid - The item does not have a pattern or print; it is a solid color.

  • Fit Type: Slim - The clothing is designed to have a slim or fitted silhouette, providing a close-fitting style.

  • Silhouette: Asymmetrical - The item has an asymmetrical silhouette, suggesting that it may have an uneven or unique hemline.

  • Neckline: O-Neck - The neckline of the item is in the shape of a simple, round O-neck.

  • Decoration: Sequined - There are sequined embellishments or details on this clothing item, adding a decorative element with sequins.

  • Style: Beach Style - The clothing item is designed in a beach style, which may imply a relaxed, casual, and comfortable look suitable for beach or vacation settings.

  • Dresses Length: Ankle-Length - The length of the dress is ankle-length, meaning it extends to or just above the ankles.

  • Material: Cotton, Spandex - The clothing is primarily made of a blend of cotton and spandex materials.

Please keep in mind that while this provides a description based on the information provided, the specific design and appearance of the clothing item can vary depending on the brand and the actual product. For a more accurate understanding of the item, you may need to refer to the product description or image.